Welcome to US Park Ranger FOP Lodge

The National Park Rangers Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police was organized to protect and advance the professional needs of law enforcement rangers. As a fraternal organization, we also provide a place of camaraderie and support for our brother and sister officers.

Since our formation in 1987, we have led the successful effort to include park rangers in the federal law enforcement and firefighter’s retirement system. After long advocacy, we helped to successfully bring standards and training up to that of other agencies with the adoption of ballistic vests, better tactical training, safer staffing levels and modern duty gear.

We are proud to be a part of the National Fraternal Order of Police, with over 325,000 officer-members: the largest organization of law enforcement professionals in the country.

The Lodge is run by rangers to benefit rangers. We hope you’ll consider joining our effort and becoming a part of our community. We welcome currently commissioned rangers (permanent and seasonal) and those who have retired from the Service. For other NPS employees or members of the public who would like to support rangers, we enourage joining as an Associate member of the Ranger Lodge. Go to the Membership page for further information.

Thank you for visiting our web site! We welcome your comments or questions.

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