Fellow Members of the Ranger Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police:

I have some bad news. As of today, the Ranger Lodge will no longer be accepting new members. As most of you know, the Lodge has made a number of plaintive calls for help to further our efforts supporting rangers. Alas, there’s been no response. Three of our Board members, Randall Kendrick, Greg Jackson and myself, and our dedicated Business Manager, Paige Meier, are long retired and slowly losing touch with what’s important to today’s rangers. We were all co-founders of the Lodge in 1986 and, however reluctant and sad we are about doing it, have decided we’ve put in our time.

The good news is we’re not going out of business immediately. Everyone now a member will stay so until the end of the year and we’ll continue to help members and speak out on issues important to rangers until then. Our Facebook site will remain indefinitely but we’ll probably close down the Lodge website mid-summer (cost is a factor).

We want to give this notice now so anyone wanting to join is not disappointed by getting, effectively, only a partial year’s membership. We also want to give anyone out there the opportunity to take over a darned great organization with an incredibly supportive and loyal membership.

With the revelation that our new Secretary, Ryan Zinke, is not a fan of law enforcement as a proper function necessary to protecting our parks and the threat, yet again, of serous budget cuts, it’s not a great time to have the voice of LE rangers go silent. The successes of the Lodge, though, are built on individual rangers standing together and speaking out. There’s a critical need for that voice but it’s just not the current Board anymore. If you and a few friends have an interest in taking over, contact me or any of our Board members directly. We’ve all built a great organization to be advocates to further our professional goals. We’ll help you in any way we can to make a smooth transition running a Lodge of the FOP.

Thanks to everyone for your support over the years. We’ll still have a newsletter coming out in the next month or two as well as continuing to speak out on behalf of rangers, so we’re not done yet.

George Durkee


Ranger Lodge, Fraternal Order of Police

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