Ranger Photo Galleries


National Park Rangers perform a wide variety of tasks in our parks. Because of the remoteness of many NPS areas, rangers need to do it all. Although our primary duties are law enforcement and visitor protection, most all rangers are also trained in search and rescue, medical services, fire − both structural and wildland − and most anything else that comes up in our daily patrols. The photos in the following albums were submitted by rangers and  are intended to show the public what we do and how we do it.

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Editor’s Note (January 2012): This site is under construction but here are some early submissions. Check back in the future as we add more galleries!


Search and Rescue (SAR)

When a person becomes lost or injured anywhere in a National Park, rangers and other NPS personnel are called out to find them and bring them safely home again. Such efforts are physically arduous, technically challenging and often dangerous. Any SAR incident requires a huge effort in personnel. In addition to the people in the field carrying out the search or rescue, there’s a large support team making sure they receive the food and equipment needed, coordinating air support and more personnel, and ensuring it’s all carried out safely for the lost and injured as well as the field teams. Because parks have small staffs, such efforts usually strip them of all available people so it’s often difficult to also maintain a safe level of regular patrol. Click on the link to see rangers and other NPS employees helping park visitors in trouble.

Rangers at Work

Gallery of photos of typical work day for many rangers throughout the National Park Service.

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